Friday, 21 December 2012

How it all started

Hi Peter here. So a little about how the club started.
 Brighton warlords was formed in 2005. By Peter Cooke, Darren Clegg & David Purkiss. We were asked if we would like to start a gaming club up by the then manager of the Brighton GW store Cieran. So from then on started the journey to building up the club from nothing. From building scenery to admin. We initially had help from Roger Smith & others building the scenery but to be fair Darren did most of it & had all the crazy scenery ideas. He would tell me how he was going to build it & I would just nod my head, not knowing what he was on about then a few weeks later it would be done. Of course we had help from others but initially it was just us. The club started with a bang as loads of people kept turning up week in week out & it was clear this was to be a permanant deal. We started to organise tournaments & other games like Flames of war started to get a really good showing. Thus started a great thing from Tournaments to events. Escalation leagues & non GW games becoming popular. So it remains the same today with a solid setting of 5 40K Tournaments a year, 1 - 3 WFB Tournaments & a FOW tournament. We are also going to try our hands at campaign days of 40k & a load of the usual leagues. Keeep an eye on the forum for facebook for club information I will be aiming to post up on my battle reports each club night. With my tactics & selection ideas

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