Tuesday, 8 January 2013

Grey Knights (peter) v Imperial Guard (oli)

Hi, This was going to be a Battle report but it was not really a super serious game. So more a run down of how my list is performing really.
For tonights game 07/01/13. Bizarly 3 or 4 weeks without playing 40k means you tend to forget a lot! RELIC HAMMER & ANVIL I choose to go 1st in a snow board with about 4 to 6 ruins & 3 - 4 craters with a few destroyed vehicles & barricades scattered about. To be fair it was not really a hard core tournament game. letting each other off with silly mistakes & the like. I wanted to see how my army went & to be fair it's pretty solid. I set up & pushed my terminators for centre ground with a view to taking the relic early on which they did. They held it till turn 5 but the last 1 was killed dropping it boo....Justicar thawn was impressive getting killed twice but coming back!! He is gonna be a right pain.The dreadknights did well soaking up a lot of firepower & killing some troops & his psyker hq. Bastion sat there & got blasted at but lived & all my henchmen squads did well by not getting killed!! Overall the army seems to do well together with the storm ravens arriving late game to sneak line breaker by dropping off the henchmen. I got all the secondary missions at the loss the dreaknights & terminators. I killed 4chimeras, leman russ, & about 50 guard or so & at no point could he really get on to the relic without being shot to pieces Some what long game though of just over 4 hours for 1850. Though it is guard & there is a lot to move about.


  1. The list


    Inquisitor with psycollum & 3 servo skulls

    Henchmen squad with 3 servotors with heavy bolters, 3 plasmagunners, 5 boltguners & a jokaero (go on a flank in terrain with coteaz)

    Henchmen squad with 3 servitors with heavy bolters, 3 plasmagunners & a jokaero (go in the bastion with the inquisitor)

    Henchmen squad with 5 boltgunners (man the quad gun)

    Henchmen squad of 8 boltgunners & 3 plasmagunners (go in a stormraven to linebreak)

    Henchmen squad of 2 crusaders, banisher & 4 death cult assassins (to assault weak points)

    Terminators with thunder hammers & justicar thawn (to take middle ground objectives)

    2 Dreadknights with heavy incinerators

    2 stormravens with assault cannons, multimelta, hurricane bolters & searchlights


  2. I'm suprised you're not going for Purifiers. I appreciate the henchmen give you plenty of shots but they can't take much punishment, surely? Is this a list geared for a a particular meta?