Tuesday, 4 June 2013

6 Nations 40K ETC 2013

So, On a slight side note from normal Brighton warlords related 40k stuff I'm the Captain of the Mercenary team 'The Forgotten Legion' for the coming 6 nations ETC in Belfast. I was asked to find a team for the event as 'Team Wales' could not attend due to being in Dubai on a practice weekend the week before...lucky buggers. As a small minority of people will know for the 2012 season I played for Team England as pretty much the 1st put forward list. So I invariably played against prey lists designed to get maximum points from me. To say it was a bit of a rush, challenge to gather a team of 7 other players was certainly true. Though I did not want to dissapoint loads of people. Luckily we had a lot of interest but due to costs issues mainly people dropped out. So thus I did not have to let people down. Luckily... So The team: Me; Flesh Tearers. Rob Madeley; Necrons. Lee Brown; Grey Knights. James French; Orks. Paul Croghan; Space Wolves & Tau. Chris Dickinson; Tyranids. Michael Pike; Tau & Eldar. Scott Nicholls; Daemons. Organising has not been that troublesome. As we all got our plane tickets & booked a hostel. So only cost me personally £126 roughly for flight & accomodation We are all Tournament players & will hopefully not get smoshed each round. I have done a matrix for each player. This is the norm for ETC style events. Each player gives an indication of how we will expect to do v each list. Red, Yellow, green Ireland we have our mosts reds though. Round 1 will be v Northern Ireland. So I shall update after the event to see how we got on & how my games went Cheers Peter

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